Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Field Trip: Tomki Creek, Willits, California

First, I must apologize for the lack of recent posts - I'm afraid I got wound up in other writing projects, and they ended up monopolizing my attention for a while. Regular blog service shall now resume.

Tomki Creek is a site often listed in the rockhound guides, not because the material there is particularly spectacular, but more because it's a convenient stop when one is going to the Eel River and Salt Creek locales.

What to find: Actinolite and jasper, colorful chert
Accessibility: Easy walk from parking area
Location: At the junction of Tomki Road and Hearst Road, outside of Willits. Be aware, the ford where Hearst Road crosses the creek is washed out every winter, so don't depend on being able to cross that way!

The road, as it crosses the river
Starting at the ford, you can walk downstream and pick up plenty of rounded actinolite cobbles, jaspers of various colors [red is quite common] and some very nice blue and green chert.

Upstream is less accessible, someone had strung a barbed wire fence across the creek when I last ventured up that way. Probably best not to risk the ire of the local inhabitants.

Also found were some as-yet-unidentified metallic-looking minerals in jasper, which made very striking-looking specimens. [If any of you readers have ideas, leave me a comment, please!]

Although this site probably wouldn't be worth the trip by itself, it makes a very nice stop in conjunction with the Salt Creek and Eel River sites, since it's right in between the two. A half-hour or so of wandering around netted some rather nice pieces, and I think there'll be a lot more to be found after a good rain.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Stumbled onto your blog during search for Bolinas Agate Beach. Love your rocks, your photos (!) - landscapes too! - and your writing. Please keep blogging! -Laurie